BioNet-Asia Co. Ltd is a vaccine company focused on technological innovation and market access. With a global market reach and network expertise, BioNet has created several strategic alliances fostering vaccine self-reliance leading to the production and supply of billions of doses of vaccines on all continents.

In its state-of-the-art vaccine plant in Thailand, BioNet is also building a unique expertise in genetic engineering, protein conjugation, cell-culture and vaccine formulation. The company has developed a broad pipeline with ten products in R&D and clinical stages, including vaccines and recombinant proteins such as CRM197 protein carrier, dengue and hepatitis B vaccines.

The company has transferred the technology to produce Hib meningitis vaccine which is now commercialized as a pentavalent vaccine in Asia. BioNet has recently filed a patent application for its new Recombinant Acellular Pertussis Vaccine which is now evaluated in clinical trial. BioNet is uniquely positioned as a major partner in technology transfer and market access globally.