R&D Pipeline

In our state-of-the art Vaccine Plant, our dynamic team of talented developers, graduated from universities in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries, are dedicated to bring novel vaccines to life.

Our R&D approach is centered on exploiting the most recent cutting-edge technology platforms available in the field of genetic engineering, protein conjugation, cell-culture and formulation so as to develop new and affordable vaccines using highly efficient production process. 

BioNet has transferred the technology to produce Hib meningitis vaccine which is now commercialized as PentaBio™, a pentavalent vaccine, manufactured by PT Bio Farma in Indonesia.

BioNet in partnership with QSMI (Thailand) and CDBio (China) has successfully completed the production and clinical development of TRCS Speeda™, a new Chromatographically Purified Rabies Vaccine made in Thailand.